Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

A good oral health journey begins with getting a digital x-ray done at your dentist's practice. It would help your dentist diagnose oral issues well in advance before they get worse. 

Digital dental X-rays, also known as dental radiographs, are much efficient and safer. They expose you to far lower levels of radiation as compared to traditional X-rays. Digital X-rays use controlled radiation to produce internal images of the mouth and jaw. They efficiently image cavities, bone loss, tumors, periodontal disease, and any other abnormal structures within the lower portion of the head. The frequency of your dental x-rays usually depends on your oral health and medical history.

What Problems Can Dental X-Rays Detect?

X-rays help to diagnose the health of your teeth and gums. Digital dental X-rays are used to:

  • Identify small areas of decay that may not be easily seen with an oral exam by your dentist.
  • Locate decay happening at the bottom of an existing dental filling.
  • Pinpoint bone loss that may have been caused due to gum disease.
  • Help in the preparation of various dental procedures such as braces, tooth implants, dentures.
  • Locate an infection in the gums or the teeth

In children, digital X-rays are used to:

  • Keep an eye on tooth decay.
  • Examine the development of wisdom teeth. 
  • Ascertain that there is enough space for all incoming teeth, including permanent teeth.
  • Identify developmental abnormalities in the mouth, like cysts and tumors.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays improve patient experience and make it more convenient for the dentist to diagnose the underlying tissues of the mouth. Moreover, they are affordable, quicker, more precise, safer, and allow proper record keeping of your oral health history. 

Here are the seven reasons that prove digital dental X-rays are the best.

  • Digital X-rays are much more affordable than their traditional counterparts.
  • They project images onto the dentist's computer and offer quicker results. When your dentist places the digital sensor in your mouth, the image immediately projects onto the computer screen.
  • Dental X-rays produce better images, and a digital image can pick up to 256 shades of grey. Moreover, it provides the complete picture, ensuring the best diagnosis.
  • The procedure offers a comfortable experience for the patient and the dentist as well.
  • It allows easy transfer of dental history from one dentist to the next without losing your medical data.
  • Digital X-rays are entirely safe and expose you to altogether safer radiation levels, preventing health complications of excessive radiation exposure, like radiation sickness, skin burns, and increased cancer risk.
  • Digital X-rays do not use any chemicals for developing the film and are entirely environmentally friendly.

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