Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an effective cosmetic dental treatment of lightening the natural color of teeth. It only lightens the existing shade of the teeth without making a drastic color change. However, it's not a permanent remedy for discolored teeth and demands regular maintenance for an elongated effect.

At our dental practice, you will observe a considerable enhancement in the whiteness and brightness of your smile with our customized teeth whitening procedures.

Reasons to Getting Teeth Whitening

Some of the reasons to get your teeth whitened include:

  • Discoloration

Teeth whitening compensates for teeth discoloration caused by tartar, plaque, and other oral health issues.

  • Special Occasion

You can get teeth whitening done to make your smile brighter and more attractive for an upcoming occasion.

  • Aging and Excessive Teeth Wear

With age, the enamel gets worn down, leading to teeth discoloration and other oral health issues. Teeth whitening helps to achieve a pretty and healthy smile.

  • Smoking-Related Staining

Smoking damages teeth and poses a higher risk of oral health issues, like the increased build-up of bacteria and plaque on your teeth. Teeth whitening targets the stains caused by smoking and produces a whiter smile.

  • Uplift Self-Confidence

Teeth whitening enhances your smile and boosts your self-confidence.

  • Dietary Choices

Teeth whitening can counter discoloration and stains caused by foods like a lot of coffee, tea, or wine and brighten your smile.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening involves professional bleaching of the teeth. Our dentist will first examine your teeth and will advise you accordingly for teeth whitening. Initially, our dentist will place a gel or a rubber shield on your gums to safeguard them. Next, we will fit a specially designed tray into your mouth that will act as a mouthguard and apply the whitening product to your teeth. The whitening product commonly used for teeth bleaching is carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth whitening is not permanent, and its effects last longer when you practice optimum oral hygiene only. Although it varies from person to person, you can expect it to last for a couple of years. The degree of whiteness achieved also varies, depending on the level of staining, condition of teeth, and bleaching system used. 

How Can You Retain Whiter Teeth?

Some advice to keep your teeth bright:

  • Avoid drinks and foods that may dull or stain your teeth, such as wine, sports drinks, carbonated beverages, black tea, coffee, berries, tomatoes, and tobacco.
  • Immediately rinse or brush your teeth after having stain-causing foods or beverages.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene practices, like brush twice a day, floss daily, and rinse with a mouthwash. 
  • Always use teeth whitening toothpaste to remove stains and prevent yellowing.
  • Visit your dentist regularly and get professional cleanings done to remove plaque and tartar.

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