Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Several reasons can cause your teeth to get severely damaged, some of which are external trauma, cavities, periodontitis, or gingivitis. Restorative treatments like dental veneers, dental bonding, bridges, or dentures can be used to restore them. But in the case of severely damaged or lost teeth, dental implant placement is much more effective.

A dental implant is a screw-like structure that is placed in the jawbone as a replacement for the missing tooth. It is covered with a prosthetic tooth (dental crown) and gets fused with the bone in a span of a few months, and acts as an artificial tooth root for a crown or bridge. It is close to mimicking our natural teeth and can be placed without causing any damage to the surrounding teeth. There are three main components of a dental implant: the implant, the crown, and the abutment (a permanent connecter that holds and supports a dental crown)

Procedure for Placing a Dental Implant


On your first visit to the dental office, we will do a thorough screening of your mouth as well as your medical health to check your candidacy for the procedure. Once approved, we will make an individualized treatment plan for you.

Bone Preparation

On your next appointment, we will extract any broken or damaged tooth left in the jawbone socket, if any. You will be given local anesthesia to numb the area and make your experience more comfortable. If enough healthy bone is present in your mouth, we will commence with the implantation procedure. Otherwise, an alveolar bone graft will be placed in your jawbone to achieve a solid base for the implant. The healing process takes a few months after this procedure.

Implant Placement

During your next consultation, we will first examine your mouth to check if enough jawbone is present. Once confirmed, we will place the implant in your jawbone using special dental instruments. We will then cover the area with a healing cap and suture the gum tissues. The gum will be left to heal for a few months, during which follow-up consultations will be required.

Abutment and Crown Placement

On the next visit, we will check the condition of the implant. If it has been completely secured to the bone, the abutment will be placed. We will take a digital impression and make a customized crown for you, which will be cemented on the abutment.

Advantages of a Dental Implant

  • Implants improve the appearance of your smile.
  • Boosts your self-esteem and confidence.
  • It is very comfortable and convenient.
  • Resembles our natural teeth and stays in disguise.
  • Improves your oral health.
  • Functions exactly like your natural teeth.

You must maintain good oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly for consultations and have nutritious meals to take care of the implant.

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