Latest Trends In Dental Technology - All You Need To Know

Posted by Gannon Lee on Apr 8 2022, 11:03 AM

Exceptional dentistry is a combination of the use of the best technology and techniques along with personalized care. While a caring and gentle dental environment can create a welcoming atmosphere for the patients, utilization of the advancements in dental technology allows dentists to have a comprehensive and accurate understanding of each patient's unique oral health and smile goals. 
At Dr. Gannon Lee DDS, we always welcome new dental technologies to offer highly detailed, personalized dental care to our patients. Starting with scheduling dental appointments at our clinic to consultation, treatment planning, and dental care, we utilize innovative dental technologies to produce matchless results. 

Why Do We Invest In Advanced Dental Technology?

At Dr. Gannon Lee DDS, we believe that our investment in state-of-the-art dental technologies allows us to offer the highest quality dental care tailored to each patient. 

Each dental technology that we use at our dental office makes our work easier, elevates the patient experience, and improves outcomes. 

Advancements in diagnostic technologies allow dentists to make a better and more accurate diagnosis, thus helping in offering proactive dental care instead of reactive care.

Integrating the most advanced dental technologies in the treatment process enables dentists to formulate the best and most comprehensive treatment strategy that improves all aspects of the patient experience.

Latest Dental Technologies 

Dental technology is continually evolving with the aim of offering the best dental care to patients. Some of the latest dental technologies are proven to enhance patients' oral health, and smiles are as follows: 

Digital X-rays
Digital radiography (digital X-ray) is a form of X-ray imaging that emits less radiation than traditional X-rays. They use digital X-ray sensors instead of conventional photographic film and capture accurate, high-quality images of the oral cavity, enabling better and more accurate diagnosis and dental care. The images of the teeth, jaws and other oral structures obtained can be seen instantly on the computer screen so that the dentist can identify dental conditions to develop an ideal treatment plan.
Digital Dental Scanner (iTero)
One of the latest state-of-the-art digital dental scanners, an iTero scanner, scans the patient's mouth and creates 3D dental scans in a few minutes. The highly-detailed images obtained by an iTero scanner are more accurate than 2D images and are helpful to create the exact physical models for restorative dental works. This allows patients to have quicker dental visits and shorter turnaround times between scanning, device manufacturing, and obtaining treatment.
Zoom Laser Bleaching
Zoom teeth whitening is a safe and faster tooth whitening procedure that whitens teeth up to 6-9 shades in an hour. The Zoom light emits minimal heat and hence, eliminates any discomfort during the teeth whitening process. 
When the pH-balanced Hydrogen Peroxide is activated by Zoom light, it penetrates the teeth well to eliminate deep stains and discolorations and brighten the teeth without affecting the tooth structure. 

For more information on the latest technological trends, contact Lincolnway Dental Center at (630) 897-1300 or visit us at 648 North Randall Road, Aurora, IL 60506.

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