Helpful Tips To Ease Dental Anxiety

Posted by Gannon Lee on Mar 21 2023, 08:56 PM

Dental anxiety or fear is a very common condition. It prevents people from visiting the dentist for regular checkups. If left untreated, dental issues can escalate and pose serious health issues. Hence, it is essential to overcome your anxiety and make regular dental visits.

How to ease dental fear?

Patients who are anxious about their dental treatments should consider discussing their fears with their dentist. Anxiety is a common feeling which is totally normal, and people can overcome it with proper guidance. Dentists are compassionate towards their patients’ anxiety and will try their best to calm them down through various measures. Patients can talk to their dentists about their concerns regarding their teeth and let them know how to calm them during the treatment. The discussion helps patients to feel more at ease and confident about their treatments and procedures. Additionally, patients who undergo dental procedures can also discuss their fears and apprehensions with their friends and family who can provide moral support. Also, if the patient is accompanied by a relative or a friend during an appointment at the dental office, it helps in calming the patient down and making them feel more at ease and comfortable. Moreover, talking to a dentist can help people in building trust on their services and treatments which can make them less anxious and nervous. Here are a few tips that will help you ease your dental fear.

  • Talk about your dental fears with your dentist

Discussing your dental fear or anxiety with a dentist is essential to ensure that you have a pleasant experience when you visit their clinic. Dentists are trained and licensed to treat such fears/anxiety, and you may encounter a kind and understanding individual at your dental clinic. They can help put you at ease by explaining the process in detail, addressing concerns you may have, and putting you at ease with the equipment used. Some clinics offer headphones and music, or even movies to distract you during the procedure so you can feel more comfortable. Let your dental office know that you’re nervous so that they can accommodate you as best as possible. 

Also, never hesitate to ask for a longer appointment if it will help you feel more at ease. Don’t hesitate to speak with the office staff and dentists if you have any concerns about your appointment or your treatment plan. By discussing your concerns openly and honestly, they can help ensure that you’re in better hands for your dental care and that you’ll have a better overall experience at their practice.

  • Agree on a signal to use if you need a break

You might want to let your dentist know if you are struggling with anxiety while getting procedures done. This way, they will try to accommodate you as much as possible to make the process easier for you. Talk openly and honestly with your dental health provider about your fears and concerns. They will be happy to explain things to you and work on a treatment plan that you are comfortable with. If you are getting uncomfortable during a procedure, you may use a pre-agreed signal to let your dental care provider know. You can use this opportunity to ask for a break or reschedule if necessary. Your dentist might recommend relaxation techniques to help you manage stress during the appointment as well. 

  • Take a friend or family member along with you for support

Ask your dentist how he or she can help you feel more at ease during the visit. Working with a dentist you trust can minimize anxiety and make your treatment experience more comfortable. It may help to bring a loved one or friend along to your dental visits to provide support and comfort. 

  • Bring distractions to occupy your mind during procedures

Bringing a book or magazine is a good way to keep your brain occupied during procedures. You may also bring a pair of headphones and listen to your favorite music. If you are afraid of the noise of the drill, using noise-canceling earphones can also help in drowning it out. Furthermore, you can also ask your dentist if he or she can prescribe something for you to help calm your nerves.

  • Consider sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a way for those patients who feel fearful or anxious at the dentist’s clinic to undergo dental treatments. There are several types of sedation methods available, including oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. Feel free to ask your dentists about which method is most suitable for you.

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