Dental Implant Process

For missing tooth restorations, dental implants provide an effective and long-lasting solution.  They have remained preferred by years for parents because of their durable results.

A missing tooth can cause the surrounding bone tissue to deteriorate, this results in further problems.  Increased muscle tension and jaw bone may be experienced by patients with missing teeth.  Dental implants correct this problem with the surgical placement of titanium posts in the jaw bone.

Once the posts have been placed, the surrounding bone will grow around it.  This process, known as Osseointegration, provides dental implant patients with holistic and natural benefits.  A final crown is placed over the implant to complete the restoration and provide additional protection.

The crowns are designed using naturally beneficial material such as porcelain and ceramic.  They are polished and customized to match the characteristics of your original teeth.  Crowns are also provided as restorations of their own to protect damaged teeth.

Dental implants can also be performed to maintain dentures in place.  They are effective in this task which makes them popular with dentures patients.

Thanks to their durability, dental implants are among the most sought after treatments in the field of dentistry.  They precisely treat the area of the missing teeth and do not interfere with other restorations.  Dental implants can also help fight decay and prevent bacterial diseases.  You do not have to worry about diseases and health concerns since the decayed tooth is replaced with an implant.  The difference that dental implants provide to your teeth are instrumental and can last for a long time.

Mission Viejo dental implants dentist Dr. Gannon Lee provides board-certified restorations for missing teeth.  Please call us today to schedule a consultation if you’re ready for a dental implants procedure.

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